Dealer Marketing


RBH has proudly held the UK dealer marketing account for PEUGEOT since 2013 with a clear mandate to take the service from one described as “hands-off, somewhat remote, thus leaving Dealers disengaged”, to one which would drive a step-change in dealer behaviour.


Dealer marketing is part of RBH’s heritage, combining over 200 years of collective experience and expertise to drive leads and ultimately car sales through smart dealer marketing programmes and new innovations.


Covering new and used dealer programmes and aftersales marketing, we improved the flexibility and scope of materials available via PEUGEOT’s portal to improve dealer engagement, while delivering support and insight that encourages improved planning on a local level.


  • Participating Peugeot dealerships have seen a 138% increase in new car sales leads since we started working together
  • The NFDA survey showed that PEUGEOT dealers have the greatest improvement in their sentiment towards the manufacturer (7.7 out of 10 against an average of 6.1)