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Where daring content meets community. Searching for a social media agency in Birmingham? RBH is a West Midlands-based social media agency, made up of daring, caring content creators.

Our offering

At RBH, we know that organic social isn’t a sales tool…

Hear us out.

We’ll make it part of your sales and marketing plan. A huge part. But social at RBH isn’t about a hard sell. It’s about pushing boundaries, cultivating communities, informing, educating, and, even, trying to make people laugh out loud. Just check out our TikTok channel to see what we mean.

Do you hate seeing boring social content driving you to a web page? So do we.

We want to get back to the core of what makes ‘social’ social. Caring, daring, creative, entertaining content that people want to share with friends. Content that makes people think of your brand when they’re doing their next online shop, thinking about where to eat dinner, or even deciding where to go on holiday.

More about social media


We’re where daring social media marketing strategy meets careful planning.

Bold, bespoke social media strategy and careful monthly content planning go hand in hand for our social team.

Because we’re a bunch of social media nerds, we love getting strategic and tactical about your brand and pairing our knowledge with that of our insights and planning team.

We’re always searching for the right balance of proactive and reactive content planning. We’re flexible and adaptable, but we know where to stand our ground and fight for what we know works on social.

Content creation

Strong social content = finding the right balance of proactive and reactive posts.

As a video content creation agency, shoots help us capture footage, stills, Reels and TikToks that can be used to proactively plan your content. They also help us create Stories and a bank of assets that mean we can be super reactive too.

Content creation isn’t just about capturing a cinematic campaign anymore. With the rise of lo-fi self-shot content, we know we need our skilled photographers and videographers on our shoots, but also our social content creators, armed with their phones.

Social copy

Social copy is just copy, right?


Believe it or not there’s a knack to knowing where to put a carefully placed emoji (or 3) and knowing when to stop. Social copy’s a different beast to anything else, and our social media copywriting services help you know when to hold off on inserting that web link, how not to spam audiences with basic hashtags, and how to make even the driest subjects have a social, community-led appeal.

Social template creation

Want a hard-working selection of social media post templates that reflect your company’s branding in a social friendly way? Step this way.

RBH’s social team works directly with our creatives to imagine social assets that incorporate your brand and help build an engaging grid aesthetic. So, you can quickly and effectively communicate a company update, share an exciting giveaway, or create an interactive Instagram Story with the right look and feel.

Community support and community growth

Communities don’t need managing. 

They need support, encouragement, and human interaction, carefully crafted using your brand’s tone of voice.

‘Social media community management’ at RBH means way more than keeping on top of your inbox.

It means representing your brand in the most public of spaces and growing your community of followers. Active engagement, following and sharing, paired with a considered UGC strategy helps us build and retain followers.

Influencer and creator management

Want an influencer management agency to take fee negotiation off your hands? We love a haggle!

Here at RBH, we understand the complexities and legalities involved in influencer management. From finding influencers and creators who’ll champion your brand with honesty and integrity, to creative storyboarding and briefing, and making sure your talent is paid, happy, and itching to work with you again. We will always shout up if we don’t think someone is the right fit and cultivate positive relationships between your brand and the influencer or creator who’s right for you.


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Join forces with a social media agency like us, one that’s as focused on your brand story as we are the metrics that measure its success. Whether you’re revamping your strategy or building a presence from the ground up, partner with an agency that values exciting, original creative.

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