LinkedIn business campaign


A cutting-edge solution to assist retailers in targeting local businesses customers.

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Business centres across PEUGEOT are set sales targets each quarter and therefore need to market specific models to ensure there is a consistent, always-on strategy. Our objective was to support each Business Centre by providing a media campaign solution targeting specific decision makers within local businesses.


A core insight for our campaigns in 2020-21 was the increased engagement within LinkedIn at higher management level. It was clear that now more than ever we needed to increase focus on assisting the business network with online media solutions and provide them with the content required to target decision makers. 

Key findings included:   

  • LinkedIn has gained 123m users in two years
  • 80% of UK B2B leads generated on social are through LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn’s lead conversion rates are 3x higher than other major ad platforms.

(Source: HubSpot analysis of LinkedIn v. Google AdWords)


In response to the objective and insight, RBH produced a premium business media solution, focusing on our creative promoting the Plug-in HYBRID models with an enticing message talking about low BiK % & 100% capital allowances. The campaign was monitored and optimised daily, by time of day, role, day of week, company industry and cost per thousand impressions. We focused on SMEs and rising companies that could turn into bigger opportunities.


This was a cutting-edge trial of new LinkedIn Lead Gen formats for marketing. Each campaign was personalised by retailer and came from the retailer’s own LinkedIn account, thus creating a name for that retailer on that platform in their respective Area of Influence / Area of Opportunity.

We used the maximum number of ‘cards’ on the LinkedIn lead gen carousel with optimisation, on which presented by engagement, helping show a variety of messaging, all of which centred around the Plug-in Hybrid range available at each business centre.

We can see the industries and positions served were within our target and we reached key decision-maker level stakeholders in these industries with our ads serving over 343,000 times, generating 74 highly targeted leads and over 4000 total engagements and therefore increasing brand awareness, reach and consideration across each AOI / AOO of each PEUGEOT Business Centre.

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