Marketing strategy

With our unique creative-first approach, we can do so much to help your business stand out in the crowded Midlands market. With our almost 30 years of experience in Birmingham’s dynamic business landscape, we’re well-placed to deliver marketing strategy services tailored to drive growth for you. Not to blow our own trumpet, but we excel in devising strategies that merge creativity with data – ensuring you get the best results.

RBH A Creative First Agency

West Midlands expertise

We specialise in marketing strategy in Birmingham. Because we’re based here we have a unique understanding of the competitive landscape and local nuances.

RBH A Creative First Agency

Customised solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach with us. We make sure we tailor strategies to your specific needs.

RBH A Creative First Agency

Results-driven campaigns

Our strategies are built to achieve tangible ROI, not just vanity metrics.

RBH A Creative First Agency

Collaborative partnerships

We’ll always function as an extension of your team, working closely to achieve shared success.

Market research West Midlands

Our comprehensive market research services have been designed for pretty much any industry. It’s how we help you harness the full power of your brand. Because we’re not just another name in the long list of market research companies in the West Midlands – we are data-driven specialists committed to delivering actionable insights. Using thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis, our research informs and empowers your marketing decisions.

Whether you’re an SME or a prominent Midlands enterprise, our market research gives you the knowledge you need to more effectively serve the market. We look past the data, interpreting the numbers to perfect marketing strategies that resonate with your audience and lead to real business results.

More about marketing strategy

Market analysis

We'll identify market size, trends, and growth opportunities to position your brand for success.

Customer segmentation

Understand the demographics, behaviours, and pain points of your ideal customers for hyper-focused messaging.

Competitor research

Outsmart the competition by analysing their strengths, weaknesses, and strategies.


Brand perception studies

Learn how your target audience views your brand, and identify areas for improvement.


Campaign effectiveness tracking

Measure the impact of your marketing efforts and optimise for even better results.


Media planning

Amplify your messaging with RBH’s cutting-edge media planning agency services. As part of our integrated approach, we’re not only a leading media planning agency in Birmingham, but also an expert media planning and buying agency that can maximise your investment. Our commitment to applying ‘creative-first’ thinking allows us to strategically position your brand in the right place and time, connecting with your target audience effectively.

As a full-service agency, our collaborative way of working is what sets us apart. Every department contributes to and draws on our unified media planning strategies. You benefit from a comprehensive service that integrates market research findings with our media planning, making for a perfectly aligned marketing campaign that drives serious results.


Talk to us about strategy today

Don’t just compete – captivate. Join forces with a strategic marketing agency like us, one that’s as focused on your brand story as we are the metrics that measure its success. Whether you’re revamping your strategy or starting from the ground up, partner with an agency that values exciting, original creative thinking.

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