Website build


The design and build of a brochure-style website for new brand Wodr, with fluidity and animation as the focus.


Our client’s required a new website for their new sub-brand Wodr, a commercial water-broking service. The website needed to act as the shop window for Wodr, encouraging users to make enquiries.


It became clear in initial scoping sessions that the website needed to allow for scalable content as the new brand and its offering evolved. Easy content management was also mandatory.


Using the newly created brand guidelines that we ourselves had created, we built a website that used strong call-to-action points and a simple user journey to encourage conversions. While keeping the interface modern and simple, we brought it to life with graphic elements and animation inspired by the fluid nature of water.


‘In just over three months, the website saw a thousand users, with a third from relevant organic driven search due to our SEO-optimised landing pages. The site engagement rate beat the industry benchmark, with over one minute of engaged time per session and 2,251 and key events on site from our users.

“Great work – we’re delighted with the outcome!” – Mark Edwards, Director.

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