2023 Undergraduate Campaign

Coventry University

A bold, single-minded campaign that strove to demonstrate the fulfilling relationship between Coventry University and its students.


Coventry University didn’t want their next campaign to look like that of any other university. They wanted an impactful look and feel that embraced youth culture, creating cut-through and resonating with their undergraduate audience to encourage applications and enrolments.


Our target audience Gen Z want authentic and real communication, but brands can take this too far and begin to look too ‘try-hard’. We needed to also embrace Coventry as an established, forward-thinking university.


A campaign that brings to life the interconnectedness and access of the digital age through ‘The Ultimate Collab’. We shot around the city with a group of Coventry University students in an authentic yet on-trend visual style, paired with bold graphics and simplified messaging.


Coventry University loved the final look of the creative and that it felt bold, fresh and most importantly, different to campaigns by other universities. It is being rolled out across their website, social channels and prospectus ready for their first open day, as well as now extending to their postgraduate comms.

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