All I want for Christmas

To say this year has been challenging is an understatement. But here we are, still creating, still supporting our fantastic clients and still loving what we do. And that is thanks to the brilliant team we have, who have shown strength, commitment and have kept on going – adapting and delivering standout work for our clients.

But it’s been hard. We’ve missed the buzz of being together in the office, missed seeing friendly faces, missed chatting over a cuppa, a sentiment echoed and felt up and down the country. As we head into the festive period, which will be unlike any other, I want to take this opportunity to thank our team, our partners and our clients. Instead of corporate gifts, we’re giving to, so more people can have a happier, healthier year ahead.

Here’s to a happy and healthy Christmas and to much more togetherness in 2021.





All I want for Christmas 

Is a little peace of mind

To know the tunnel’s end

Is not so hard to find


I want to make next year

So much better than the last

A step towards the future

Not tripped up by my past


I want to tell my inner critic

That I hear everything they say

But I’m over being scared

And I’ll live life anyway


I want to look into that mirror

And not question what I see

Knowing that my crowded head

Has room for dignity


I want anxiety to do one 

And stress to take a hike

I’ll drop-kick sadness to the moon

And tell those dark clouds, “on your bike”


I know it’s not that simple

It doesn’t happen overnight 

But with a little help, and a little hope

It’s always worth the fight



Written by Debra Hepburn

Founding partner, RBH Creative Communications and co-founder, Young British Designers.

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