10 big Google changes your business can’t afford to miss

As another year has passed in our journey around the sun, it was time for Google to present their live marketing round-up for 2023! This year, our performance executive, Lauren, went to get the low down for the year ahead.

1. Conversational ad assistant in Google ads

Starting from July, Google will guide advertisers through their campaign set-up. Giving a helping hand to make things easier, quicker and more relevant, your URL will generate a suggested business description, keywords, headlines, descriptions, ad extensions and recommended images. Pretty clever, right!

2. Automatic asset creating using generative AI

Did you know AI knows a thing or two about your business’s industry sector? That’s why it now helps you to describe your business’s offering, products, services and unique selling points – all whilst keeping to your brand’s tone of voice. But that’s not all. It’ll also help you pick relevant assets for your ads and customer queries whilst staying true to your offering.

3. Product Studio launch

Launching at the end of 2023, Product Studio will allow businesses to enhance and edit their product images using AI. But what will it change? Well, it’ll be able to remove backgrounds and generate a custom one from your description. So, if you want your product on a slick white background or want to transport it onto a white sandy beach, then AI has got you covered!

4. Google search generative experience

Answering customer queries can be time consuming. So, Google’s generative experiences; AI Snapshots, Conversational Mode and Vertical Experiences will now do the talking for you! Generating a unique summary for longer multi angel queries, answering follow-up questions and providing a list of key features to consider are just some of the ways it can help lessen the load.

5. New video view campaigns

With video campaigns reaching an average of 40% more views than in-stream skippable CPC campaigns, Google is introducing video view campaigns. To maximise results on a cost-per-view basis, Google will combine ads in various formats, including in feed, skippable in stream and shorts, into one campaign. More views, more reach, more conversions – it’s easier than ever!

6. Demand Gen campaigns 

Helping to engage and drive action among consumers using immersive features, Demand Gen campaigns will help social marketers reach customers on video-based channels such as YouTube, Discover and Gmail.

7. Broad match brand controls

Helping you stay relevant and not fall on deaf ears, broad match brand controlswill allow businesses to get more reach for broad match keywords whilst making sure it matches relevant brand traffic.

8. Google Merchant Centre Next 

Replacing the Merchant Centre in 2024, Google Merchant Centre Next will launch a straightforward and user-friendly experience. Giving users a competitive edge, it will provide them with insights on top-selling products with pricing benchmarks and other competitive insights. Not to mention, it’ll also allow users to easily connect product information from their website for greater control on how they show on Google – excluding painstaking manual updates.

9. GA4 Audience Builder 

Get to know your audience better. Helping advertisers build new audiences including predictive audiences, Google Ads and AI are joining forces to utilise each other’s analytics to help you reach people more likely to convert.

10. Performance Max updates

If you want to target new customers with a high lifetime value or those who have yet to engage with your business, then this one is for you. From now on, Google is using AI to bid more for customers within these segments. Yep, that’s right, it’s another time-consuming job off your hands. And helping you to keep track of what’s what, there will be a new and improved search terms insight report for performance max campaigns. These insights will help you to see how the campaign is responding to changes, what’s driving the changes and how different assets are performing. The results? A pretty refined and optimised campaign!

So, if you want to know more about the juicy updates or explore how they can help you rocket to new heights, get in touch with our strategy and insights team today.

Written by Fizz Bingham

Digital Partner and Lifelong RBH-er.

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