*According to RBH

1.Marmite – Mind control


2. Dove – Self-conscious


3. KFC – Man meals


4. Nissan – Weekend away


5.WWF – Nature is calling for help


It’s National Radio Day! And we thought we’d be remiss if we didn’t share our favourite radio ads of all time! From witty narratives that spark uncontrollable belly laughs to stories that leave you feeling a world of emotions – join us in reliving the magic that has left an unforgettable mark on the airwaves.

At number one, adam&eveDDB is pushing past the competition with Marmite’s ‘Mind control’. To vanish its love-hate relationship with humans, Marmite weaves a hypnotic spell over the airways to convert Marmite haters into lovers. But Marmite didn’t just hypnotise people. They increased their brand awareness by 400% and made themselves at home in 100,000 new households.

In second position is Ogilvy with ‘Self-conscious’ for Dove. The empowering brand made listeners more aware of their bodies by changing everyday body behaviours previously dismissed, into attention-demanding wonders. This ad demonstrated the power of words and how easily young girls are influenced by the messages they’re exposed to every day.

Ogilvy takes third place as well with KFC’s ‘Man Meals’. Challenging the ridiculous conventions of being a manly man, KFC steps in to put the record straight. Every man can still enjoy the delicious taste of a KFC Man Meal even if they like Barbie dolls or cocktails.

Well, we saw this one coming, unlike Elliot. Driving into fourth place is TBWA with Nissan’s ‘Weekend away’. Following the ultimate daydreamer whose Nissan is smarter than he is. Elliot’s adventures take a wild turn. Fortunately, his Nissan’s emergency braking is the real star of the show and keeps him out of harms way. And last, but no means least, Wunderman Thompson has WWF flying into fifth place with their radio ad ‘Nature is calling for help’. In 2020, over three billion animals died in Australian bushfires, while more than 13 million hectares of forests were cleared worldwide. It was time the world listened.

Aiming to shine a spotlight on the consequences of bushfires and deforestation, WWF recorded real bird songs while their forests were being destroyed.

And that’s our top five radio gems! Now, we’re curious – what are your top picks? Join the conversation on our social channel and tell us which radio ads have made their way into your heart.

Written by Michael Vines

Creative Partner

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