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RBH donates IT equipment to Chinthowa School

Since its establishment in 2001, the family-run, Chinthowa Development Trust, has been supporting over 750 orphans in the Malawi village of Chinthowa.

In 2012, following two years of concentrated fund raising, the trust embarked on building a school – with all works carried out by local teams, having been taught valuable bricklaying and carpentry skills by the Trust. The school was quickly oversubscribed, resulting in phase two of the building opening in 2014 and works for the IT block extension starting later in 2017.

Hearing of the fantastic work carried out by the Trust, RBH pledged its support by formulating an inventory of 64 unused IT items, including laptops and PCs.

Rob Drewry, agency partner at RBH, said: “Chinthowa Development Trust is a fantastic charity, which provides pivotal aid to the orphans in Chinthowa. The incredible work they’ve undertaken at the school is paramount to improving the lives of the village children, and we are delighted to have been able to support the charity in equipping the children with computers”.

Brian Ingram, founder of Chinthowa Development Trust, said: “We are very grateful to RBH who has donated over 50 laptops and some PCs to our charity. What they have done for us is of immense value far beyond the monetary sense. The children are very excited that they can now learn how to use the laptops. Fortunately, we have a very good teacher who is able to teach the basics of IT before they progress to higher things”.

Chinthowa Development Trust is currently appealing for educational program discs or DVD’s. To find out how you can support CDT, visit www.chinthowa-development-trust.org.uk.

Written by Fizz Bingham

Digital Partner and Lifelong RBH-er.

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