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We love marketing reporting. But we hate spreadsheets.

So much so that we have spent the past few years revolutionising the way we give our clients transparency. Do you hate complicated jargon and more data than you know what to do with? So do we.

We build all our marketing reporting dashboards collaboratively with you from the ground up. Whether you’re after a report you can open up on your phone, tablet or laptop mid-meeting to give an update on how a campaign is performing by channel, or you just want to see revenue figures, return on ad spend and social media stats at a glance. We are data scientists with human hearts and will work to show only the KPIs you know are crucial for measuring our success and yours.

You can find our Insights & Innovation Partner, Joe Hepburn here.

Google Analytics is what’s known as a ‘first party’ tool (which means it’s the most valuable data you can collect about your target audience). When installed on a website or application, it allows us to understand consumer behaviour, intent, actions and report on key conversions.

It’s a shame that Google Analytics can be confusing and easily misread because when linked to ad accounts it can create powerful optimisation strategies and tangible results for campaigns.

What we at RBH do is take the metrics (the numbers) and dimensions (the bits the numbers measure) and make sense of it all, building custom metrics, calculating and running aggregations for any KPI imaginable within the reports that we share with you. We can jump into existing accounts, inherit accounts from previous agencies, or create one from scratch for you, starting with Google Tag Manager – and a conversation with your team around what you want people to do on your website.

Data analytics is the ability to absorb large quantities of information, pulled from multiple sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, Pinterest Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, offline conversion sources, CRM systems and more to find meaningful insights.

We specialise in doing the hard work on this for you, taking us from a traditional marketing partner to a true business partner with our insights-driven marketing reporting. We can help you understand your customer journey, why people aren’t buying a product and why some people will only get so far on your site before they go to your competitor.

Our reporting dashboards aren’t just for campaign performance, they are for real insight into your business. Using data analytics, we can demonstrate in real time why people are acting a certain way and how you as a business can act to change it.

We don’t like sending an Excel spreadsheet filled with incomprehensible numbers over to you at the end of every month for your marketing reporting. We like showing you something that gets a conversation started. At our reporting meetings we want to be able to talk big picture, not focus on the granular.

How we achieve this is by making all the granular elements of your reporting available. Using several APIs and custom data sources, we’re able to take data and plug it into a branded dashboard that updates as regularly as you like.

This is the beauty of real time data. It presents each of our clients with the ability to completely remove the curtain and see performance, optimisations, learnings and insights on their terms – and adds a level of transparency not found often in our industry.

These reports are responsive in their design, working on any device, and built to your exact brand guideline specifications – ready for you to drop into a PowerPoint, Keynote or PDF presentation at a moment’s notice and can be scheduled for email delivery as and when you like.

Put simply, this is your window into all the elements normally hidden behind jargon, spreadsheets and walls of data designed to confuse.

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