Highcross Leicester



Previously known as The Shires, RBH was appointed to launch the £350m Highcross Leicester shopping centre. There was a key requirement for people to reappraise the city and promote the development as a key destination.


With a 40% BAME profile, Leicester’s diversity was a huge source of civic pride to be celebrated in the campaign. We also wanted people to reappraise a trip to city because although it was considered a good shopping destination, the current offer didn’t seem to warrant a journey in.


RBH created an integrated campaign with breathtaking centrepieces, used to generate print, film and digital assets. Constructed from textures and fabrics highlighting Leicester’s diverse culture, a unique poem was commissioned to beautifully show all that Highcross and the city had to offer beyond shopping.


  • Over 2 million visitors within first 4 weeks
  • 125,000 visitors on launch day
  • 95% let for launch day
  • And most importantly: Leicester was awarded Top 10 UK Retail Destination status
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