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Taking the greatest care

Dignity Funerals

Social content launching the new proposition of a funeral services provider.


Dignity, a network of funeral directors, had developed a new proposition. We were asked to roll out ‘Taking the Greatest Care’, regionally rather than nationally. We did so with R Davies, a rebranded funeral home in Bristol.


It seemed to us that making real people the face of the campaign and using their actual experiences as content was clearly the most effective and compelling means of demonstrating the proposition.


We interviewed staff on location at the R Davies funeral home and did all we could to allow their personalities and unique take on what it’s like to be in their business to shine through. Subjects included emotional support and practical advice for loved ones, their own experiences of loss, as well the demystification of what funeral directors actually do.


Our client team loved the finished films’ warm and intimate execution, authentic content, and the heartfelt sentiments expressed within them. We gathered so much footage that we were able to produce not just a single campaign film but over 20 shorter edits too, all of which were well-received on their social platforms.

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