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Everything we do is centred around mindsets.

It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking to another business or directly to a consumer. We’re all human, and understanding what makes people tick helps us make your brand tock.

Understanding the mindset of your market is essential. Our insight and planning department dedicate themselves to finding unique insights, which are more than just facts and figures (but don’t worry – we do those too). When these insights are interpreted correctly, they are a springboard for powerful ideas that can inform impactful campaigns and ultimately deliver big results.

Market research isn’t just for investors, owners and product & service teams. With it, we can make informed decisions about your brand proposition, the untapped territories around you, which of your USPs really stand out in the crowd, right through to identifying the key industries and segments for you to communicate with. Without understanding how the rest of your market is behaving, how can you expect to act in a way that sets you apart?

For some examples of our market research snippets, take a look at our free RBH Mindset content.

At RBH, we get to the heart of human insight. This is the skill of taking something we know to be true in our nature and applying that same insight to your brand. This could be something as simple as knowing that in the UK we buy more convertibles than any other country in Europe, despite having some of the worst weather of all our neighbours. This titbit helped us understand that we Brits go mad for even the barest hint of sunshine – and led to our development of ‘Seize Summer’, a proposition for client that makes high-end gas barbecues. If you’re starting to get the picture, go and check out some of our consumer Mindset reports here.
Without customer insights, you can never truly understand what motivates the people who buy into your brand.

We use our insight and planning services to build custom audience profiles, customer profiles and pen portraits. These are built through total immersion in your business, as well as a healthy amount of desk research and analytics. Using our revolutionary approach to reporting, we can connect your current analytics to our dashboards and make more sense of these audiences every day. What these sources give us is a clear understanding of how your market is broken down, by a cross section of consumer types. For every brief we can check our response against who we are talking to, helping us identify the commonalities that inform our creative thinking and resulting messaging.

We use our insight and planning methodologies to choose the right places for your target audience to see your brands. This is about more than just the medium and the delivery. Truly impactful media planning requires an understanding of what content audiences want to engage with, when they want to see it and what value it offers them.

Our own conversion funnel enables us to flex and plan the research phases consumers go through. Starting at the ‘Nurture’ stage and ending with ‘Convert’, we help you understand where the right call-to-actions should sit and at what point each media channel has a part to play.

Using our consumer profiling (see ‘Customer insights’), we can plan effectively for every brief. Each profile we build is placed against relevant CACI Acorn profiles and/or Experian Mosaic Consumer classification. This helps us plan the media that will have the biggest impact across the relevant target audiences. Knowing whether audiences will respond to television, print, out of home, direct mail, door drops or paid search is crucial to where your budget ends up landing.

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