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Our RBH 2019 ‘Get Me Out of Here’ winners

Here’s who we’re telling to f**k off out of here.

One of our founding values as an agency is about getting out more and a while back, we came up with a scheme called ‘Get Me Out of Here.’ We invited RBHers to submit a dream of their choice and, for a few lucky winners, we’d help to make it a reality.

In the past, we sent Geoff to Comic-Con in San Diego, while Hayley Mottram embarked on a month-long trek around Nepal (and fell in love along the way). We can’t forget our Chris either, who had dance lessons with the legendary Anton du Beke!

This year, we reintroduced Get Me Out of Here and had an influx of eclectic entries. In the end, we chose two runners up and one winner.

Our first runner up is George Morris, who we’ll be sending on an adrenaline-fuelled, skydiving adventure. It’s something he’s been looking at for years and believes that when it comes to the jump, ‘the higher, the better!’

Our second runner up is Victoria Valentine, who will be attending the River Cottage cooking course in Devon. Victoria is, in her words, ‘pretty obsessed with growing vegetables and flowers,’ and is becoming more and more interested in sustainable food production and growing organic. At River Cottage, she’ll be cooking with seasonal produce and guided by principles that are ethical, sustainable and respectful.

We could only have one winner and this year, it was Sarah Mullaney, who will be studying Spanish for two weeks at the Agualivar Spanish School in Malaga. Sarah studied Spanish for eight years at school and has always wanted to pick it back up, with the aim of one day becoming fluent.

At Agualivar, she’ll be taking part in the ‘Full Immersion Homestay’ programme, where she’ll be living and studying there, as well as going on cultural excursions, cooking with the teachers and students, and taking part in workshops. For the entirety of the trip, Sarah will only speak Spanish.

A lot can be taken from opening our minds, hearts and imaginations to the world outside HQ and we’re delighted to help our Get Me Out of Here winners on their way.

Keep an eye on our Instagram, where we’ll be keeping you up to date about our winners’ adventures.

Written by Fizz Bingham

Digital Partner and Lifelong RBH-er.

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