Four trends shaping the airport of tomorrow

Four trends shaping the airport of tomorrow

From retro revival, to robots. This months report covers off everything you need to know about the airport of tomorrow.

Air travel used to be a luxury, a feat of mankind’s curiosity and forward thinking. Most of all, it was a thrill. Customers had more than enough leg room, full roast dinners prepared in flight and drinks from professional bar tenders.

This experience, coupled with the outrageous style and class of the staff and waiting areas, continues to influence air travel today. TWA spent three years reconstructing Eero Saarinen’s masterpiece, a terminal turned hotel at JFK International Airport, preserving every element from the glorious eras of air travel, right down to the retro uniforms on display.

There’s clearly room for a retro revolution in air travel.

So, what’s stopped it from happening?

Like most industries, air travel has become a strong commodity, one that demands lower cost and barrier of entry. As a result, many airports have been built with cost as the main driver, rather than innovation.

This isn’t all bad though. It’s the reason you can book a return flight to Spain, France or Croatia today for the same cost as a nice meal out and travel hundreds of miles away in mere hours.

In fact, it’s often the cheaper airlines that have better safety records.

Due to their volume and fast turnaround of flights, they undergo more checks and maintenance work than some larger airlines.

2019 In over 30 years of operation, there hasn’t been a single casualty on Ryanair flights, in fact they have taken the number one spot as safest airline, followed by EasyJet.

So, should we be satisfied with our current legroom, seating in terminals and baggage handling? Of course not.

We believe that we’re about to enter a new golden age of air travel. There are few industries that have such a volume of innovation right now and we can’t wait to show you how. So, here are the trends set to catapult the air travel experience as we know it into the future.


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