I’m an RBHer, Get Me Out of Here

I'm an RBHer, Get Me Out of Here

Why We’re Telling Our People To F**k Off Out Of Here

When we set up RBH in 1995 we came up with a  list of what we called our Founding Values. It wasn’t flim flam. It was stuff we genuinely believed in (so it came easy) and also it was stuff we wanted right there in the headlights, to serve as a constant reminder of what we were doing this for. We used, and still use, those values as checkpoints on a daily basis but also (a little bit more formally) as a measure in our people performance reviews.

One of those values is about getting out more. We reckon we’re doing ourselves and our clients a very big favour when we open our minds, our hearts and our imaginations to the big, wide, weird and wonderful world outside of our Meriden barns. When we come back from seeing Martin Parr’s latest expo at NPG, or full to bursting from a visit to the Pen Museum in Birmingham’s very own Jewellery Quarter, our excitement is contagious and all of our creativity is re-energised. Likewise when we run at lunchtime or walk around the local lake or bike to work using our shiny new Cycle Scheme. As Sir Paul Smith famously stated: “You Can Find Inspiration In Everything”. So we are very happy when RBH’ers get themselves involved in inspiring extra-curricular goings on away from HQ. In fact we get a bit sulky when they don’t.

But telling people to go experience more felt a bit one-sided so a while back we came up with a scheme called “Get Me Out Of Here”. We invite people to submit their own “fantasy experience” in whatever format they choose and each year we choose the best/funniest/most original/dramatic submission and we pay for it all, including the actual time it takes to do it in. Whatever ‘it’ may be.

As you can imagine we’ve had the most eclectic range of entries over the years. From the inexorably boring (why would someone want to learn how to make a garden water feature or was that just boring to the judging panel?) to the most adrenaline fuelled pursuits where we’d be lucky to see that colleague ever again, we’ve had it all. Winners so far have taken themselves off to work with Black Bears (as opposed to the inimitable One Black Bear) in Yosemite National Park, they’ve climbed to the highest Himalayan peaks (and fallen in love en route), taken an RBH team off to The World Cup in a Camper Van and speed learned Ballroom Dancing. Some of those participants still work at RBH, some don’t. But that’s not the point. It’s not an investment in one person but in our culture. In an approach to life and adventure and open minds.

We were never going to be the kind of agency that clock-checked people in and out again and measured their careers with us in hours spent head down at their desks. We’d much rather our people had views and news and something to add that makes a real difference to our clients’ business and our own.

The latest “Get Me Out Of Here” entries are due in by the end of May. We’ll keep you posted but as far as we’re concerned we can’t wait for the new winner to f*** right off.

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