RBH wins bronze in Roses Creative Awards

RBH wins bronze in Roses Creative Awards

We’re proud to announce that our creative team have won bronze for its ‘Reassurance. Built in.’ radio advert in the Radio: Commercial category at The Drum Roses Creative Awards 2018.

The radio advert was created for the PEUGEOT Approved Used division’s annual sale event and to be used as a valuable tool for the dealer network to promote the high quality of a PEUGEOT used car. The aim of the PEUGEOT radio spot is to dramatize the feeling of reassurance that consumer’s get when buying a used PEUGEOT car.

The witty and informative voiceover of the recording, combined with the length of the advert, creates a storytelling element to capture people’s attention, whilst covering the standards of the brand including comprehensive inspection, minimum six months warranty, 30-day return policy, MOT Test warranty, PEUGEOT approved logo and full history of ownership check.

Our head of creative, Michael Vines said “We’re really excited to have won this award and are thrilled to have been part of such a fun project. Congratulations to the RBH and the PEUGEOT team.”

To listen to the award-winning advert, head over to the Roses Creative Awards website here:


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