Fresh Rebrand for Birmingham Updates

Fresh Rebrand for Birmingham Updates

With a reach of 20 million per month, Birmingham Updates has become one of the most trusted, local news media outlets in the region.

In 2016, RBH began working with the incredibly talented team at Updates Media Ltd, owners of Birmingham Updates, who provide a great native advertising platform. As the relationship developed, it became evident that they had a brilliant story and needed a creative communications agency to help them say it in the best possible way.

First came the research, with a full competitive benchmarking piece review on publishing models, online platforms for programmatic advertisers and some of the new players in content marketing.

Second, brand positioning – key for the rebrand and the commercialisation of the platform.

Finally, facing an illustrious panel of regional marketing and media experts who were asked to provide feedback on the brand and commercialisation positioning – in short, every attendee was overwhelmed with the offering, and so are we.

Birmingham Updates was the founding platform for Updates Media Ltd, who now owns Coventry Updates and London Updates; the channel reaches a massive 20 million every month and is three times more engaging than the region’s biggest news publisher. And with case studies to prove it from some of the hottest disruptive businesses such as Deliveroo and Blow.

RBH truly believe in Updates Media and the team, and cannot wait to see them grow regionally and nationally as a source for news, weather and lifestyle.

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