Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Brexit – Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Turn and face the strange changes, Jon Nealon, Group Account Director on Brexit and how we need to face the strange times head-on.

Amongst many of David Bowie’s most perceptive quotes was:

‘Turn and face the strange changes’

Whilst myself and RBH were staunch ‘remainers’ the fact remains that Brexit is going to happen and, as a service industry, we will still have some brilliant clients to service and will still need to live up to our Agency philosophy – ‘Bred to Dare’.

So, although we have been living in ‘strange times’ we need to face them head-on and take the available positives and make them work for our clients and therefore all here at RBH.

More importantly, we will be expected to deliver an impeccable client service underpinned with an insightful strategy and impactful creative.

  • The world is not going to stop spinning on its axis.
  • Consumers are not going to stop buying stuff.
  • Businesses will still need to buy supplies and suppliers.
  • The media landscape is not going to disappear but continue to evolve at a rate of knots.
  • Google and Facebook etc are not going away.
  • Clients are not going to suddenly cancel their growth or market share objectives.

And we will still have a group of hugely motivated and talented RBHers who are ready for the challenge.

And finally, to quote the main man one more time…

‘Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming’

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