All The World’s A Stage

All The World's A Stage

We recently provided a case study for a CBI (Confederation of British Industry's) report examining the success of the UK’s creative industries overseas, focusing on both RBH and YBD:

British fashion is recognised across the globe for being innovative and original, fuelled by some of the best educational establishments. At the same time online retailing has grown significantly and is universally forecast to continue to do so. Young British Designers (YBD) was launched in 2010 to take advantage of this, as the first – and still the only – fashion destination focusing purely on promoting and selling the wares of emerging British Designers online.

Since its inception YBD has discovered, mentored, and launched some 250 emerging British designers. With support from Midlands-based advertising agency Rees Bradley Hepburn Ltd (RBH), the two organisations have leveraged trends around the creation, distribution and consumption of content, via an increasing number of channels.

YBD achieved a top ten position in the Cision/Daily Telegraph analysis of the most influential fashion blogs on Twitter; has developed a second online Facebook shop; and has created a brand largely through exploitation of social media, with 19,000 Twitter followers, 14,500 Facebook followers, 11,500 Pinterest Followers, and 4,000 Instagram followers. This is all having an impact, with both China and US engagement up 25% year over year, equating to an 8% increase in sales over the same period.

Fizz Bingham, Partner at RBH commented: “As a creative marketing agency we are always looking at ways that social engagement and technology can work together to amplify a brand’s message and target consumers. Our partnership with YBD has resulted in a significant focus and successful business return on reaching new markets and their wealth of consumers looking for the ‘new’ luxury fashion brands.”

Read the case study.

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