All Change for Instagram

All Change for Instagram

Facebook - owned Instagram, announced a new algorithm back in March, the reasoning; users miss around 70% of their feeds, meaning it is difficult to keep up with all the photos and videos shared.

Results of a study carried out by Quintly in 2015 also showed signs of decline, reporting a downwards trend with interaction by almost 40%.

Given 80 million photos are uploaded per day and daily user stats are higher than Twitter, Instagram needs to ensure they maintain their market position.

Since March, small subsets of users have been testing the new algorithm; seeing the ordering of posts moving from chronological, to an ordering based on what Instagram believes to be of interest to the user.

This isn’t something new. Facebook has been using a non-chronological timeline for some time but Instagram users are not happy. Nevertheless, Instagram remains undeterred with a recent announcement stating the trials have been successful and the changes are here to stay.

Further developments have also been announced – new business profiles and business tools. These have three main aims; help brands make noise, insightful analytics, and bolster commercial activities via the platform.

Business profiles will be rolled out in US, Australia and New Zealand over the coming months, followed by all other regions by the end of the year.

The new features include; a ‘contact’ button which enables users to communicate with companies via phone, e-mail or text as well as providing directions to store, the second feature is the much desired analytics with user insights, follower demographics and post analytics, and finally promotions, which will allow brand managers to select an existing post and promote it for a set period of time.

Whilst we are waiting for the much desired business profiles and related tools to reach the shores of the UK, we thought we’d celebrate some of the current trends and accounts that are smashing it:


These guys understand social, inside out and back to front. As Instagram matures we’ll see more and more brands using the platform like ASOS, with multiple accounts to segment audiences such as ASOS, ASOS Studio, ASOS Market Place, ASOS Menswear, ASOS US etc.

These then have personalised hashtags and bio links to ensure the user is directed straight to where they need to make those all-important purchases or leading them directly into a community of like-minded individuals, creating the much desired social cult brand.

The hashtag #asosfashion has over 2.1million posts and their hashtag #AsSeenOnMe has reach over 200k.

The Rise of the GIFs

Just over two weeks ago, Twitter announced that they would be increasing the maximum GIF file size to 15MB (from 5MB) which can only mean one thing, there’s more GIFs on the horizon.

Earlier in the year we saw the launch of Apple Live Photos, at the back end of last year we saw VSCO’s, DSCO, go head to head with Instagram’s, Boomerang.

And let’s not forget Phhhoto and their GIF generating dream team.

Brand Consistency, Themes and Giant Squares

Brands who have the ability to use both user and brand generated content consistently know that they can still remain true to their brand whilst creating the much desired socially curated content needed to create a cult brand.

VSCO understands the importance of delivering consistent imagery which is in keeping with the company’s aesthetics. Many brands fail the tone and commonality themes all the time, creating visual gaps in the brands cohesion.

The King of consistency, theme and commonality is @MarkHillHair. If these images were removed out of the platform context you’d still be able to place the imagery, this is something Nike has spent some time developing.

And then there’s @DionMarcus, utilising the Giant Square app to create content which pushes against what people have come to expect when viewing brand profiles, creating more impact.

Whether it’s social or strategy, creative and marketing, PR or digital, we can help.

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