Peugeot Client Interview

Peugeot Client Interview

Since January 2014 our dedicated Dealer Marketing team have provided marketing support to the Peugeot UK franchise network. Our roving reporter, Holly, spoke to Head of Dealer Marketing, Karen Dean, to find out how she finds working with RBH.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you and your role in the business:

I’m Karen Dean, I’m the Head of Dealer Marketing and have been in the marketing department at Peugeot for five years.  I’ve previously been in different areas of marketing and the wider business since I joined as a graduate. I’ve had roles in dealerships and also in the franchising department where the franchise contracts are agreed for our network across the UK.  I’ve been in the aftersales department as well, and then when I moved into marketing I had roles managing dealer events and dealer incentives and also in national media and in fleet working with our B2B customers. I’ve been in the Head of Dealer Marketing job since April when we had quite a big restructure within Peugeot in the UK and I am responsible for any Peugeot communications or marketing activities within our dealer network across the UK including Northern Ireland.

What role do RBH play in supporting you in your role?

RBH help me provide a Dealer Marketing Service for all of our Peugeot dealerships across the UK. We, along with RBH, take all of the national communications, for example print or digital assets and we repurpose them into dealer localised assets – we make them dealer friendly essentially, so that the dealers can use them in their local media channels and local areas.  We use a system called Peugeot Create which enables the dealers to download, template and personalise the materials that RBH upload into the back end of the system. RBH provide a team of Dealer Marketing Advisors (DMAs) split by region to work closely with the dealers in those regions to provide any sort of marketing support. They’re at the hub of our Dealer Marketing Service, so there are other agencies that help to provide events or PR support to the network, but the RBH DMAs pull all of that together and work directly with the dealers.

Where have you seen the biggest impact since working with RBH?

The biggest impact is how directly involved and in contact the RBH team is with the dealers, I think that has made a huge difference.  Prior to our relationship with RBH we didn’t necessarily have a dedicated team of people who were actively going out and speaking to the dealers and acting as a proper Marketing service for the network but since RBH have been on board with the three Dealer Marketing Advisors we are able to provide a proper, on-going point of contact for the network so we can continually improve what we are doing from a marketing point of view.

How do you find working with the dedicated team at RBH?

Really good, the girls are all really friendly and it helps with them being so local as well, as we are able to have a lot of face to face meetings, whereas previously with agencies a little bit further afield that’s always been a bit of a challenge.  I find the RBH team we have on the Peugeot account very reactive and very understanding, there are times when things are commercially urgent from our point of view and they react very quickly. Generally they are easy to get on with and really easy to work with.

How does working with RBH compare with working with other agencies that you have worked with previously?

I think being geographically close is a big benefit as when working with agencies, partners, suppliers and even customers it’s easier to deal with things and action things when you’re face to face. The set-up of the team is really good, in terms of having three dedicated advisors, one per region; it just means that there is absolute clarity of roles and responsibilities for everybody in the team.

Would you recommend RBH and if so how would you describe us to a colleague or business associate?

I definitely would recommend RBH and would describe you as efficient and adaptable. Since I’ve been in this role working directly with RBH, we’ve asked very different things than you were potentially appointed to facilitate. I think things have evolved over time and RBH has moved with us which is brilliant. I would also say in terms of artworking and studio time I’ve certainly found RBH very quick in terms of us sending feedback on a piece of artwork and getting it back for approval, I think it’s a very quick turnaround and the efficiency is clearly there within the studio.

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