RBH get Social with Peugeot

RBH get Social with Peugeot

We’ve been working with Peugeot for 18 months, managing their local dealer marketing.

After recently developing and delivering social media training for Suzuki we thought it would be a great opportunity to look at how Peugeot dealers were utilising social media on a local business level to help support consumer and trade sales.

Driving up and down the country for the Peugeot dealer roadshows back in February we spoke to as many of the network as possible and they expressed a real interest in getting to grips with social media for the benefit of their business. Some of them were already present in their own brand channels but they all felt that some dedicated training would help them. They wanted to find out how to better their social and online reputation and how they could use social media to help create new leads and support their other marketing and sales activity.

We audited the number of Peugeot dealers using each social media channel and found that whilst many were present they weren’t necessarily ‘active’ or engaging with their online communities.

When looking at how customers feel about car dealerships on social media, this is a key consideration as the dealers try to grow their social communities…

2 out of 3 people are more likely to buy a car if there are positive comments about the dealer on social media.

62% of buyers try to contact dealers online 22% using social media.

** Source: Microsoft, eMarketer, ComScore,  Google, AutoTrader, GFK

 Research and extensive planning led to a bespoke course for our network of Peugeot dealerships. The aim of our course is to give the knowledge, hints, tips and techniques to optimise the promotional and commercial benefits that using social media can effectively deliver.

We broke it down into three sessions ‘What’s it all about? Knowing your # from your @’, ‘Surviving in Social – The all-important Four C’s rule’ and ‘Getting under the skin of Social’. As well as the theory of successful social media, the course includes plenty of breakout sessions to put it all into practice. It’s designed to be relevant whether you are a complete beginner or if you’re already actively engaged in some social activity.

We’ve now conducted a number of sessions across the network, with lots more planned for the next few months.  Here’s some of the fab feedback we’ve had so far;

“I now have some really useful knowledge about how to use social media better for my business. Including hints and tips for campaigns and working to best practice for each channel.”

“I have built up a better understanding of Twitter and how to use hashtags and mentions, which will help me construct my messaging better to try and increase engagement.”

“The discussion and conversation between trainers and attendees was really useful, rather than just reading from slides all day. They made it personal in applying techniques to our own dealerships.”

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