We Ply our Wearables

We Ply our Wearables

Our Head of Development, Craig Jones was asked by The Drum to share his opinion on wearable tech, here’s what he had to say:

Despite not wearing my FitBit for months and discovering that the Samsung Gear simply replicates functions of a mobile device, I’ve been really keen to see how the Apple Watch lives up to the competition. The design and craftsmanship is impressive, however I think it will be the innovation of apps that will prove the big draw. As well as the expected features, like email and texts, the latest generation of wearables will start to realise the potential of the tech. As a health tracker, or as a camera remote; we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of new functionality.  As well as redefining established concepts, like mobile payment, purely through always-to-hand nature of the tech.  As with any new platform, it’s the developers, not the manufacturers, who will decide the success of the wearable market.

You can view the full article here.


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