Women in Digital

Women in Digital

After reading an article entitled ‘What Women in Digital think about Women in Digital’ we asked our Digital Account Manager Alice about her experience in the industry, her advice for graduates and any predictions she has for this year.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I went to University. I wasn’t really thinking of a career path, more just about getting my qualifications, enjoying the London scene and hoping I’d gain some experience as a result of meeting the right people. I realised quickly however that getting some real experience during my degree was going to not just be important, but pretty vital for getting ahead after my 3 year course.

I’d made some connections back home in the Midlands through contacts of friends and family, and I managed to get a local digital marketing agency to take me on for some experience for a couple of weeks. This proved to be the vital experience I needed, and before I knew it, it had kick started my career in Digital.

At this point, digital was still growing out of the ‘just building websites’ phase – social media strategies, sophisticated paid for marketing and mobile weren’t as much of a feature in client’s marketing strategies as they are now. Working in a fairly small, regional agency allowed me as a digital novice to pick up the basics pretty quickly – giving me the space, time and encouragement that I probably wouldn’t have had in a bigger, sexy city agency. There were a lot of specialists at the agency, all of which I was able to sit with and learn from right from the beginning – many of whom were women.  The encouragement and education I received was largely down to these women that I had the pleasure of working with. From a fiery PR specialist, a warmly creative head of design and a hugely intelligent MD – all of whom gave practical advice and expressed their confidence in me by offering up multiple opportunities to learn and grow my skills. These specialists were more than passionate about the advice they were giving me – almost as if they were passing the baton!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many women in the short 4 years I have been in the industry, all of whom were at completely different levels in the company. From Account Execs, to social community managers, PR specialists, creatives and MD’s. I’m no staunch feminist but I do believe in the power of women in agency land – and not just for the weekend catch ups on a Monday morning!  Having started my career at a digital agency, I was able to learn as the industry grew. This was a blessing for me, because I grew as the agency grew – having the chance to work on multiple projects in the UK and even in Europe. Website builds, events, social media campaigns, SEO – I was exposed to a multitude of work.

My advice to graduates would be to (first pick a course that allows you to have a placement year with a business or even abroad), and if not, try and take any internships or work experience that you possibly can. If I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. Taking the time to gain experience and then working your way up in the good ol’ fashioned way, has allowed me to figure out where my strengths lie. Every year The Drum do the ’Top 30 under 30’ – celebrating talented women in the digital sector – which just highlights how important it is to keep creating opportunities for women in this space.

You should also do more than just a CV – first make sure your LinkedIn is up to date. If you’re interested in Digital, why not start a blog to talk about the subjects and technologies that most fascinate you? The same applies for Social media too. Get networking by going to free events in your area and start meeting people – the industry is always growing and opportunities will always arise. It still is who you know sometimes…

What I see for the rest of 2015?

More companies realising the importance of an omni-channel marketing strategy – think back a year or two when people were saying ‘mobile first’? It really is this year, and we can see this as social commerce starts to expand with the likes of ‘WhatsApp’ bringing in advertising placements and Instagram also now being used for more commercial ends.”

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