The love affair between fashion, tech and social blossoms

The love affair between fashion, tech and social blossoms

Technology loves fashion and fashion loves technology - that much is true.

Right now it seems fashion and technology brands cannot get enough of each other.  They flirt endlessly – all in a quest to find the next brilliant innovation or genius social brand hook-up that customer’s will adore.  This passion shows no sign of cooling off as organisations like Accenture continue to explore the intersection between fashion and technology and what this means for consumers across the globe.  And, as some of the latest New York Fashion Week media round-ups  tell us, the news about new fashion and tech relationships are flowing.

The impact of social media and tech on the world of fashion is well documented. Burberry and Top Shop probably take the biscuit when it comes to the top fashion brands using technology and social to engage consumers.  But, whilst they have some of the limelight there are some very cool things going on in the wings too.

So, whilst we wait in excited anticipation for the runway heaven of  London Fashion Week, (12- 16 September 2014),  it seems an excellent moment to take a quick look at some of the latest fashion and tech tie-ups.

Fossil cosies up to Intel (or vice versa depending on how you want to look at it)

I need to confess to being  a bit of a Fossil-lover : I’ve bought, worn and loved more than my fair share of Fossil watches – so naturally I’m nosy about how Fossil and Intel got it together and what it might mean to me in terms  of wearable tech  gorgeousness  (ooh how very selfish of me). Apparently though, Kosta Kartsotis, CEO of Fossil Group said this:  “Combining our fashion lifestyle brands with Intel’s expertise in technology, hardware and innovation will position us to be a leader in this segment.”   It will be good to see how this fashion technology relationship matures – you can read the rest of the Fossil and Intel tie-up blurb here.

Holland teams with Metail

The creation of online avatars is a lot of fun so it’s always good to see where avatar-based applications are being used.  Lately, British label House of Holland has created a slew of publicity over its partnership with Metail – a UK based tech co. that specializes in online fitting room technologies.

Just in time for London Fashion Week there is a House of Holland website to go play in.  Check it out, but the basic idea is: ‘Try it on” and then the Metail widget pops up  – and we get to enter our  measurements – height, weight and bra size – and then,  digital MeModel  avatar is created.  And if we are brave enough we can share our look across your social media network.  Looks like fun! Check out #tryonHOH  on Twitter.

Talking of all things Twitter, the social platform attracted lots of attention this week (08.09.14 ) with the introduction of a “Buy” function from a Tweet . With a new 19-partner trial now underway it’s not surprising that there is a good collection of fashion, retail and music brands in the line-up of first testers – notably luxury fashion brand Burberry is in there.  The new ‘Buy’ button, which allows you to purchase directly via a tweet, signals a new era for Twitter as the social channel seeks to show that engagement can turn into direct sales opportunities.  Undoubtedly this Twitter update will be watched closely by the marketing community.

Oh and just one more thing: if you know us at RBH you will know we have our own passion for fashion.  If you especially love to see the very best of emerging British fashion talent during London Fashion Week, then follow Debra Hepburn @YBDFashion and as she takes Young British Designers to London Fashion Week.

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